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I'M IN!!!!!!!

When I first found out, I was flipping out inside! I told my parents and they went nuts.... I can't believe that I got it. This is literally a dream come true!

I've dreamed about going to MIT for oh... *counts* six years now, and my dream has finally (almost!) come true!

Holy cow..... Is this real life?

Just to make sure:

Could this be the truth?
Did MIT accept me?
Hooray! It is true!



8 years ago

 Hey guyz wats up?

ummm can sum1 help me please?

do u no if in order to get admitted to mit do u need physics in ur GCE A'Level too?
or its ok if u have Physics in ur GCSE (GCE O'Level only)
please help :)

I would think it would depend on the courses you were taking,  but I could be wrong there.

um thanks a lot i am going to ask the MIT,they can give me a good suggestion :D

There is no 'requirement' for getting in.  Though, I'm really unsure about what the GCSE is.  I'm almost certain that the answer is no.

GCSE stands for General Certificate for Secondary Education.

Nd thx  i think i should check out Staford University,it has a great deal of medicine study so it will have Pharmacy :D take care

YEY! You've accomplished what I dream of doing. I say we all send him a muffin of his choosing. Anyway congratulations!

shhh thats his graduation present. he just doesnt know it yet.

Oh, and THANKS! You're saying exactly what I was saying about half a year ago, and I hope to see that your dreams come true, too!

Hmm, I know just the muffin too, one with brain food in it: SARDINES ! LOL (I love my sardines)

Some brands carry them in the can with Mustard,  or hot sauce (my fav)  :-) 

HOOORAY! congratulations! hey everyone, lets throw him a party!

I hear confetti comes in the cardboard tube that the letter of admission is packed. Can you confirm?

That was true for me, but not for the RD kids of my year, and I heard that they stopped after that. You'll have to do the confirming.

Hmmmm.... We'll see! By the way - about stopping by for a couple of days to chill @ MIT ... any date-related preferences?

All the time is a good time! I'll be here on and off, mostly on, in January, when I'll be doing a super intense MIT robotics competition (MobileAutonomousSystemsLABoratory or MASLAB). And, I can definitely put you up with a comfy couch, good music, and a bike to get around!

OH! I guess I never responded to the question that I initiated.


There were lots of confetti's!


10 years ago




(for those not "in" on the inside-joke, IRC log)
(I'm therethinker)
(07:08:10 AM) T3h_Muff: https://www.instructables.com/forum/TXECDS4FA2KM1XO/(07:08:15 AM) therethinker: AWESOME!!!(07:08:20 AM) therethinker: I love the pic, too!(07:08:24 AM) T3h_Muff: HAHA(07:08:26 AM) T3h_Muff: me too!(07:08:31 AM) therethinker: THAT'S AWESOME!!!(07:08:33 AM) T3h_Muff: Thanks =)(07:08:39 AM) T3h_Muff: I KNOW!(07:08:42 AM) therethinker: I'm so excited! I'm not sure why, but I AM!!!(07:08:43 AM) T3h_Muff: I'LL GET TO SEE YOU(07:08:44 AM) T3h_Muff: !(07:08:50 AM) therethinker: WHY DOESN'T IRC HAVE BIG TEXT!???!

This knowledge might be dangerous, or at least annoying, in the wrong hands. >.>

Sorry, big letters are just so amusing. :) I'll get over it in a few days, don't worry.


How hard is it to get into MIT anyway. AKA, should I be applying as we speak??

Well, MIT is an insanely competitive school, so it's pretty hard to do so. You have a 10-14% chance of getting in, but if you've got the drive, definitely apply! By the way, are you a senior this year?