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HOPE: here I come ! Answered

I probably mentioned this before, but I am completely registered now for the HOPE conference in NYC....and I AM going, come hades or high water......even if I have to go in  a wheel chair :-) 

I am tired of missing out on so many things in life.   I have until July to plan ways of getting there (I have an offer from my Sis-in-law, but that might not seat so well with my wife :-)

Thank you ALL for all the inspiration you have given me....I hope to have a full ible on the subject shortly after I get back (late July 2010).

Here's  HOPE(ing)  ;-) 


CONGRATULATIONS! Take lots of pictures! Record lots of talks! Tell us all about it!

I am not sure if I will be able to carry a recorder or not, but I will take lots of pics  (I may even have a ride there, if my wife doesn't object....her sister has offered, since she goes to NYC fairly regularly).

You're not sure if you will be able to carry a recorder?

Is it against regulation to record the talks and sermons?

Some have "rules" against it, yes.   I am not sure about this one though.....I may take my micro recorder anyways, if I can find some little tapes (ha, if I can find the tape recorder...).

Make a hat cam.  All you need is a cowboy hat and a 1990's cam corder.

If I get my digital recorder working before then, I will use it in just such a capacity :-) 

Is HOPE (for a lack of a better definition) the organization that has to do with homeowners? Like free foreclosure and stuff?

ON planet earth. 

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackers_on_Planet_Earth

Source:  http://www.thelasthope.org/

  And for the squeamish that think Hackers are bad, 
HOPE = HOtel PEnnsylvania  (where the conference is held ;-) 

Yes I was discussing this with you a little while ago, sounds like a lot of fun! There aren't many makers / hackers events in my area, but some times the wood turning club might have an open day or similar which is always good to go to.

Is there a page on 2600 about this? I couldn't find out anything more than the black and white for 2010.


why would your wife object if her sister takes you?
Is someone jealous?

#1:  they don't get along
#2: Ellen is self conscious about her looks (i.e. she doesn't trust me, but I really am NOT that type of person)
#3: and yes, she will try anything to get me to not go, or to go for only 1 day....*sigh*

It is the last HOPE, correct?

No, that last one was last year.  It was named that because of the impending demise of the Hotel Pennsylvania, which we saved, btw  :-) 

But, it may be the last one (actually the only one) I will be able to attend. Age waits for no one....

Aye.  I now understand. 

You're not that old, I'm sure you could pull some Stephen Hawking trickery if you needed to.  You can't miss it!

I may not be "that" old,  but I feel like it (pain, and heart condition) and I seem to be aging faster then I should be.... *sigh*