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I've already tried cleaning the laser and adjusting the height and I dont whant to buy a new laser what now.


What exactly is the read error (symptoms) and is it the same for every disk? L

It will play every dvd I have but no cds or games.

Does it report any errors, try for a long time and fail, did you replace the drive? What was it doing before you adjusted the height? I'm trying to locate the fault, strange that it will (now) read DVD but not other formats. L

It just reports the dreaded disk read error that these systems are known for and no I didn't replace the drive,and it red dvds before and after I made the adjustments.

You seem to have some answers worth investigating - good look L

I have some good and bad news this morning I took the laser out of my ps2 and cleaned the mirror underneath it I also oiled the tracks and wormskrew power thingy then I reassembled it and tried it and it now plays cd,dvd,and certain black disk games but not any of my blue game disks what now.

Well, that's interesting. What lubricant did you use? L

white lithium grease mixed with silicone oil about a 50/50 ratio.

Thanks - I've often wondered what these things used. L

I was able to fix it on my own with some more miner adjustments this morning

Oh good. If there's anything to be learned from this it might make a useful instructable? I concede that now it works you might not want to take it apart again for pics... L

Start with the capslock key.


Sadly, when this happens to ps2s you need to boost the laser power - it wears out over time. This will reduce whats left of the life, but you can get some more love out of the beast.


If that doesn't work - then its a matter of replacing the laser - dealextreme or ebay will have a replacement diode. That's too much work for me, and new ps2s are only about a hundred dollars now.

If you have properly cleaned and adjusted the laser you can actually adjust the the pots that control the bias of the laser. I also recommend lubricating the metal drive track that the lens moves around on.

I haven't worked on consoles for a couple years so I can't remember the details but googling "Ps2 Adjust Pots disk read" ect or something should get you going

try http://www.cyber-mag.com/station/laserPS2.htm