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HOW TO Basic electric wiring ? Answered

Hi community , i need help to wire my small project
 and its about a water dispenser, but with the big water bottle(22liters) is on the floor, so there is : a water  pump(to pump water to a small tank on the water dispenser or cooler),rocker 3 position switch, floatswitch, electric transformer 220-12v. 
WHY? a 3 positon switch
 the pump works on 2 different modes
_ the first continuous mod that stops only when the small tank is fully filled ( wired with the  floatswitch )
_ the second mode is : just a simple working pump with no stop ( not wired to the floatswitch )


PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO WIRE THE ROCKER 3 POS SWITCH , And if there is a wiring diagram that will be the best of the best !!!

    Thank you, ""HELPFUL community""



Best Answer 4 years ago

Sorry, I have been trying to upload a better diagram for you, but I am having problems doing that. I will just try to explain it to you instead. Firstly positive and negative wires won't matter as your transformer has AC in and AC out. Secondly your pump doesn't seem to have any wires, only connection terminals but I will explain this as if you have two wires coming out of your pump. Here we go. 1. two wires from the wall socket go into the transformer AC 220v to 240v . 2. one wire from the transformer AC 12v (it doesn't matter which one) goes to the middle terminal on one side of the switch. (Use three terminals on one side of the switch for this project, the other three will be spares). 3. the second wire from the transformer AC 12v will be joined to one of the wires from the pump (it doesn't matter which one) 4. the second wire from the pump goes to one of the other terminals on the switch (it doesn't matter which one as long as it is on the same side of the switch as the middle terminal that you have already used) 5. one of the wires from the float (it doesn't matter which one) goes to the other terminal on the switch that is empty but is on the same side as the two terminals you have already used. 6. the other wire from the float will connect to the switch terminal that already has the wire from the pump connected to it. Now to test it. Make sure the switch is in the centre "O" position. Plug the transformer into the wall and turn it on. Flick the switch (it doesn't matter which way). If the pump runs then that switch position is the "on" position. If nothing happens move the float switch and the pump should run, meaning that switch position is the float position. Don't run the pump for more than a second without any water, just see if it runs. The flow direction should be marked on the pump so if for some reason I can't determine the pump runs backwards (meaning it is running but not pumping) just swap the connections to the pump wires around and check it again. I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you very very much, I am really very happy to be in the instructables community, and im happier to know that there is helpful people,

just like you!

Try this. Just twist the wires together and try it before doing any permanent connection. One switch position is on all the time. The other switch position is only on when the float switch is down. The middle switch position is off. Don't mix up the wires when connecting to the pump. The single wire comes from the 12v power. The double connection comes from the switch and the float. If you mix them up you will short out the 12v when you turn the switch on.

pump wiring.bmp

Hi caarntedd thank you for your explanation and thank you for being helpful with me , but i didnt understand how many wires are going out or in from the pump ( i got just 2 wires) and could you show me where is the positive or neutral cable in each.

Thank you and I really appreciate you help


Is that three pos, centre off ?

yes, exactlty its a 3 position rocker switch with 6 connector pins

Click on my drawing to see it fully.