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Hello Guys,
I have one unused old SATA hard disk(in working condition)

now i want to make this hard disk to use like external but i don't know how it is possible
so, please help me for making my project

i know, there are converter is available in market but i want to make it my own.... :/

so please help me guys.. Thanks in Advanced


USB and SATA use different communication protocols, so you need to bridge the two interfaces. This is not an easy task for a DIY build, but various IC bridges are available relatively cheap. Take a look at this datasheet for a Texas Instruments USB to SATA bridge as your starting point, but I suspect you may be biting off more than you can chew with this one.

When I needed a converter to make a SATA drive USB but didn't want to buy one, I managed to fashion one together from a couple of scrap adapters (see photo).


You can find converters for under 10 bucks if you search proper.
For that price you won't find the parts you need.
Even if we say 30 bucks it still means you need more than average electronics and soldering skills to make it happen.
A docking station that takes all sorts of hard drives can be found for under 50 bucks - so you still think it is worth building it yourself? ;)