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I have samsung s duos gt s7562 and the big problem is its battery. whenever i have to go out for a day long, i have to suffer for its poor battery back up. in market several power bank is available, but its costly. i want to make myself. i need atleast 3000 mah capacity power bank. So what should i do ? please tell me.


If you cannot find an affordable backup battery/charging option then you won't be able to build one within your price range either. It's hard to beat the price of most of these sort of electronic items since manufactures can get parts at a huge discount because of the large numbers they buy them in and cost of manufacturing and marketing doesn't usually surpass what you would pay to part it out and build one yourself. If you really want to make one for the experience then go for it. Follow -max-'s instructions and your all set.


Too add to this, Economies of scale (quantity = cheap) make much of DIY impractical, unless you already have many of the materials you need as junk-bin parts, like a spare car charger, rechargeable battery, and corresponding charger, or when there is a specific need for something that there is no demand for, or a specific constraint again not sold in quantity (i.e. such as it has to be a very specific dimension, maybe less than 1/4 inch thick for example.)


3 years ago

Step 1: Get a 3S LiPo battery & charger

Step 2: get a car phone charger

Step 3: Solder a connector to the positive and negative of the phone charger. center tip is the positive, the outer part of the cigarette lighter is negative.(You may want to consider adding a switch inline so that the quiescent current draw is negligible.)

Step 4: Plug it all together, and if you did it right, no magic smoke is released, and your phone will charge!

1. define poor battery.
2. for power users there are better phones that a low level entry phone.
3. what use is a power bank if have to drag it around constantly? A replacement battery would be easier.
4. If you check the listing on the right you will find several examples of power banks.