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4 years ago

what's wrong with it?


5 years ago

Stop smoking around it all the time and maybe it will come back on.

Clearly the anti-static capacitor (ASC) located near the 4th bridge transistor on the motherboard has developed a case of flux wavering. To fix it go to Best Buy, or any computer repair place, and ask if they have any digital spanners in stock. Most places carry them but are reluctant to sell them so you will have to really push them to sell you one. Don't take no for an answer. You'll want one with a tolerance of 3 microseconds.
Once you have one, open the computer's case and use the digital spanner to torque the ASC to the right until you hear a beep from the 4th bridge transistor. Make sure to flip the lock down switch and then close up the case and reboot.

I'm sorry no one else wanted to help you.


Don't forget to get one of those anti static wrist straps. The ASC probably won't work until you get it tightened down. No sense in risking the rest of your pc during a repair.

Good call. That's probably what overloaded the ASC in the first place, someone overloaded the ASC by touching the computer without a wrist strap.

I'll be danged. I finally found out what's wrong with my PC!

Thanks bwrussell!

Step 1: Tell us about the issue you are having.

Start at the outlet and work you way thru until you find the problem. Then fix the problem. Hint if it's not plugged in it won't work.

If your electronics knowledge is as clear as your question take it to some one qualified to repair it.

PLEASE tell us what is wrong with it to have ANY chance of a SENSIBLE reply