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Hacking Flatbed Scanner Components Answered

I am currently working on a project which was going to use a scanner to acquire an image. The scanner is/was an HP 6200C. When I was trying to modify the scanner I accidentally broke the lamp, but was then excited to discover [what I believe is] a linear photodiode array which functioned as the detector. (I also found some cool mirrors and a focusing lens inside.) This photodiode array could be very useful to my project. 
This scanner interfaces with my computer through USB, and refused to work after I unplugged the lamp.
I figure a resistor may trick the circuitry into thinking the lamp is still attached, but I no longer require the moving parts of the scanner at all; I only want the photodiode array and a way for it to interface with the computer, preferably giving either a "single line" type image or a "single really thick line" type image. (Basically I just need intensity and location of signal. If the received data is a full image, I can reduce it to what I need.)

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for me? I have uploaded a few pictures of the relevant circuitry and can add more upon request.

Update: After further research, I've determined that it is not a photodiode array but a linear CCD.

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Josehf Murchison (author)2014-03-20

I have played with them a bit.


Reverse engineer the circuit board see this Instructable.


After you make the schematic of the circuit board follow the conductors to the driver.

Look up the driver on the web sites in the Reverse Engineering Instructable then it is just wiring up the component for serial data input to your computer.


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