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Hacksaw lore.? Answered

Industry mantra: minimum of three teeth on the material being cut. Second the softer the material being cut the coarser the teeth still adhereing to the above rule.. Third. USE TWO HANDS ON A HACKSAW !!! I had to stop at this point, as a Tradesman I could not go on.

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Yonatan24 (author)2018-03-01

When installing the blade so it cuts on the pull cut, there's no need to use two hands, especially on the smaller 6" hacksaws.
Your hacksaw will cut, whether it has 2 tpi or 50 tpi... There is no right or wrong... Perhaps you should explain why?
Why does this make you so mad?

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Drewno52 (author)2017-11-08

When I was a kid, my dad saw me using the hacksaw and I was all choked up next to the handle, he'd tell me "You know, when I bought that hacksaw blade, I paid for all 12" of it, not just the 2" next to the handle".

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