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Hackysack (or foot bag, if anyone calls it that) Answered

anyone here ever play hackysack? if so how many hits do you usually get? i usually get between 3-5.


i just started playing and i can hit it 1-2 times lol. working on it though

Been a while. I used to bring mine to school near the end of the year but latley, noones been playing. This year I decided not to and now literally eveyone I talk to is playing. Weird...

dude the same thing happened to me except with a rubiks cube, after i quit alot of people started playing with it

 It is called footbag only.  A Hacky Sack is a trade marked bag made by Wham-O Sports.

well it all depends i started back in high school we had a game to make us hit more its kinda brutal we called it whiff and hands if you whiffed "missed" some one got to kick it at you "painful believe me" same goes for if you touched the bag/sack what ever you want to call it

a friend of mine started me out with a video tape of this guy who was a olympic hacky sacker back in the day

Stall : any time were you position the sack in a stop

rainbow : when you kick the sack back and forth with your feet side ways by bringing your foot backwards near your rump to kick it to your other side and do the same if you do one pass back and forth you have done a rainbow "sack flows like a rain bow if you have a glow in the dark one at night

jester : kicking one leg to the side hitting the hacky sack straight up with a jump and quicky turning a complete circle before the hacky sack


for alot more moves and move name updates


10 years ago

Hackey sack's probably most associated with the circle-park-hippie thing. Tap-tap-pass...sound familiar? Footbag is what them freestylers like to call the singles version...competition hackey sack!!! They suggest to be able to consistently hit w/ out dropping 1oo times before trying tricks. Pretty sick. Don't know where you are, but it does seem like fewer people play these days. I'm always kickin by myself...which has actually made me pretty good. You?

Tap-tap-pass i've never heard, i've puff, puff, pass, which is also associated with hippies (and its a movie) well, at my school there seems to be a lot of people who play. my posse and i sometimes play after school, and random people we don't know will join us. Now days i'm getting 7-10 kicks (sometimes more) but i don't know any tricks...

so i'm guessing from the lack of replies almost no one here does this.

nowadays 3-5 hits for me. back in high school when i played it every day, 20 or 30.