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Hallowe'en! Answered

Here it comes again!


Get those idea-wheels grinding!



7 years ago

Oh, I've got something pretty cool.

Ummmmm.... no. I'm not even sure I'll do it anymore, since there is already a commercial product. I suppose that hasn't stopped me before, though.

There are commercially available...
  • Catapults.
  • Thermometers
  • Leyden jars
  • Sherbet
  • Horns
  • Kites
  • Wind chimes
  • etc
Yet I have made them all.

Ah, fine! I'll see if I can make something that... tastes better. ;)

Well just think, is your version going to be cheaper and more eco friendly? :)

Ummm... probably? At least one part of it will be recycled.


7 years ago

I also need to figure out what costumes to make for my kids...

I dont know what to make for it. But I'm thinking along the line of a knex skeleton =D The official Knex Skeleton idea is copyrighted to me legally and if i find anyone has stolen the idea I thereby sentence you to death, kthx bye:)

I've often thought that Shapelock would be a good material for moulding model bones.

(That idea is free for anybody to use as they like.)

Someone's excited....

I had better get started on my costume for the party :D

I'm snowed under with the new term right now, but I have an idea that would fit Sugru, Woodwork or a Hallowe'en contest - doesn't matter when I get it done, I can enter it into something.