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Halloween: Angel Wings, Werewolf Costume, Jack-o-Lanterns Answered

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Oct. 26, 2007

Welcome back!

Our favorite holiday of the year is almost here and we're celebrating with a special newsletter! Here are some great Instructables to provide some inspiration for our
DIY Halloween 2007 Contest. Be sure to take some photos or video of your creepy creations and enter to win some awesome prizes, including a trip to Maker Faire 2008!

For those who are in the Bay Area in California, come by our
Halloween Costume Ball tomorrow night! We want to see your costume! And for those who are near Boston, check out the Show & Tell at MITERSnext Friday, November 2.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these Instructables and get started!

How to make a pair of Angel Wings
In this Instructable I will explain how to make a pair of wings which could be used to dress up as an angel, bird, or anything else with feathered wings!
posted byT0BYonOct 23, 2007
Realistic Werewolf Costume
Create your own werewolf costume! Moving jaw, padded body, lots of fur!
posted bymissmonsteron Oct 20, 2007
How to convert an old swingset into a guillotine prop for Halloween
Reuse an old pile of lumber that used to be a wooden swing set for a nice prop for Halloween.
posted byStrapped-4-CacheonOct 14, 2007
Life-size Skeleton Pumpkin Carving!
I've been doing these skulls for several years, but recently I got the idea that I could make a whole skeleton out of pumpkins.
posted bymcragheadonAug 21, 2007