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Halloween Costume Help Answered

I decided to be Marilyn Monroe for Halloween and I have a long pink dress that I am going to alter to emulate Monroe's pink dress from the film Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Does anybody have any ideas how I could do this? The three main things that I need to do are get rid of the rhinestones in the middle, make a bow for the back, and get rid of the straps.  I know how to alter the middle but have no idea what to do about the bow or the straps. Any ideas for how to make the bow would be very appreciated. I know that I could just cut the straps off but there is no support on the top whatsoever and the top is a little loose on me. The material is silk so if I just cut off the straps I'm pretty sure the dress would just fall off. Any ideas are very appreciated!  


For the top I would make little loops inside top just like there are on convertible bras then use clear bra straps.

I'm not sure you have enough material since the Marilyn dress is ankle length, has a belt, the bow and the long gloves. The bow is rather big and will require quite a bit of fabric; but if you think you have enough, you'll need to get some stiff, lightweight, netting material to fill out the bow (from a fabric store) and give it some shape. You can achieve this with some thin wire as well (since its for Halloween). For the rhinestones, if you have enough fabric, just make a 'faux' belt and cover it. For the top you will need to trim the straps off and turn the edge over so that its straight across. You could sew in some "boning" to the sides for support (you can buy these plastic pieces at most fabric stores), and/or sew on some clear bra straps (to keep the dress from falling down). Just make sure that you start with the dress fitting you well first.

Thanks so much! I was planning on buying some additional fabric for the bow because the dress is basically hot pink satin and I'm sure I can find something very similar. Boning is a good option but it always so uncomfortable. I'm definitely going to go with the bra strap option. Thanks so much!