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Halloween Costumes Answered

I need to make a costume for Halloween. I need to make a costume from scratch (or not) that will end up as Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Any suggestions or advice or help?


How are you at using a sewing machine? You can find this pattern at any cloth store. Even walmart may carry this pattern at their super store. As far as the wig you could get a really nice one at Sam Moon. When u heat red glitter foam it stretches and you can shape it. Heat then quickly Place over the shoes u want to use. Keep doing this untill the desired shape takes place. Use a blow dryer, stove or tea candle. Be careful not to burn yourself or catch the foam on fire. Remember the heat is the key for stretching and shaping. Use fabric glue to adhere the foam. Cut the remaining foam away from the shoe. Hope this helps...good luck

wait...for a guy or a girl?

and you need some fabulous red ruby shoes. Glue and red/silver glitter over your skate shoes will do. and get a basket with a stuffed toy doggie. get some hair extentions for long curls and I guess any simple farmgirl style dress. Good luck.

For a girl.

I have never seen a boy Dorothy.

I found an ible on how to do that. Thanks, though.

The dress shouldn't be too hard, Start with some blue and white gingham. Have a long piece to go around as the skirt, join the two ends and gather the top. Then you could just put a bib piece on the front and two straps from the back or put a bib piece on both front and back with shorter straps to go over the shoulders. Put the whole thing over a simple white blouse.

I think that you do need a dog. Perhaps just a toy, but get one.