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Halloween Decoration Contest Winners - 2012 Answered

With a whooping 365 Halloween Decorations entered, the competition for this year's contest was a tough one. The editors had a hard time narrowing down the finalists. However, with the help of 13 spooky judges, winners were chosen. I would like to congratulate the winners, and thank everyone who put in the time and effort to throw their hat into the cauldron.

Anyhow… on with it… I am pleased to announce that this year's winning decoration is flaming_pele!'s build of a Giant Tentacle Monster. This project was selected by the judges because it was original, fun, well-documented and approachable. With easy-to-find materials, they demonstrated that anyone can menace their neighborhood with a giant cartoonish tentacle monster. Their technique was clever, and the results were great. I foresee this inspiring more large creations next year.

Speaking of which, all of our second place winners put new spins on old classics. Noelportugal made a traditional Magic Mirror, but gave it a new spin with built-in candy dispenser. HaHaBird mashed Tetris and jack-o-lanterns together to make Pumpktris, which is unlike anything we have seen before. And of course, there is kcli's the Hearse-Style Carriage which resurrects old-fashioned horse carriage as a creepy and stylish hearse.

The runner-ups show how eclectic this years entries were. From traditional grim reaper decorations, to stat-of-the-art glow-in-the-dark 3D-printed ghost mobiles, we ended up with some pretty interesting decorations this year. Be sure to not only check out all of the awesome finalists, but the rest of this year's entries.

Now that Halloween is over, it means that you have a full year to think about what to do next year. I now that I already am. While installing the foam spewing pumpkin, I already figured out what my decoration is going to be for next year. Let's just say that it is going to be a blast.




5 years ago

Thanks so much to the Instrucibles staff for ALL your contests (and recognizing my carriage style hearse).

It is so much fun to develop an idea, hunt for (used) materials and see success when it comes together!

Well done!!! Congratulations for all those awesome entries!!

Awesome - thanks judges and all who voted, favorited, or took the time to view! I decided to document and post the sewer monster exactly for some of the reasons mentioned above (routine materials, approachable construction, rewarding wow factor). There are lots of fun directions to spin off from this build (some brainstorming already happening in the 'ible comments), so let's see more tentacles invade suburban neighborhoods next year!