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Halloween Decorations Answered

Get started on your haunted houses with some help from these Halloween Decorations. If ideas of how to turn your humble abode into a monstrous lair aren't running through your brain, then it's time to start! There are kids to be scared! Fun to be had! Get to it!

Make something awesome, document it, and be sure to enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Pirate Cannon - A working replica of a naval cannon that fires pneumatically by Part Time Chef.com
Complete your pirate look with a cannon that makes noise and fires tissue to impress kids and neighbors.

How to build a Five Foot Tall Jacob's ladder by ewilhelm
Every mad scientist needs one of these. Without one an evil underground lair is more like a den in need of a good cleaning.

Laser Vortex by mever
Smoke and lasers always work well together.Keep the laser moving to create a cool and distorted effect.

Make a cool hologram illusion! by NK5
Make a skull hover in mid-air!

Halloween decor werewolf head by missmonster
Need to convince anyone that last year's Halloween was more intense? Just put this trophy on the wall.

Solid-state Halloween controller and how to build a Haunted House by ewilhelm
For the more advanced spooksters you should look to this guide for makign Halloween a little more high tech.

Rotoff the Deadnose Reindeer by PaHalloweenFreak
At first glance it looks like Santa came early. Look closer and you'll see that he's still stuck, and rotting, on his mission from last year.

How to convert an old swingset into a guillotine prop for Halloween by Strapped-4-Cache
The little ones have ditched the swingset and so it's time to put it to a nobler, and nastier, cause.

Build a pneumatically actuated Yeti in a cage for a Halloween Haunted house by ewilhelm
This li'l yeti is stuck in a cage and none too happy about it! At the push of a button he'll leap at any Trick or Treater who comes by.

How to Build a Spooky Working Drawbridge with Sounds and Light by rjtodd13
Set the mood early with a killer entrance. Or maybe just use this for your own cult when you get around to starting it. Either way.

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Goodhart (author)2008-10-23
and for a snack, we have......Sushi !!!!!

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bacaboi (author)Goodhart2008-10-30

thats kind of depressing. :(

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Goodhart (author)bacaboi2008-10-30

The fish is technically devoid of life. His auto-neurological functions are what animates him.

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davidglinski (author)2008-10-02

yea!!!! i like the vortex one it looks so cool epcept i dont have the money to make it :( !!!

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hamares (author)davidglinski2008-10-23

dud i made the vortex in like a week (cause i was lazy) 1.i stole a pack of mirrors from walmart(cause really, why the hell am i gonna pay $3 for tiny mirrors) 2. fog machine and fog solution-walmart-around $30 3. laser-walmart-a little under $5 5. "super hip" iPod fan thing(this was the hardest to find since they dont sell em at walmart anymore)- $3 6.coke bottle top

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crafty_crayons (author)2008-10-23
Yerboogieman (author)2008-10-15

this one guy kept running up behind my mom at wild waves to scare her, he was one of the frightfest people but no matter where we were he would do that, lol.

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DIYDragon (author)2008-10-07

That drawbridge is awesome - I want that year round! Just to freak people out. "Be right there! I'll lower the draw bridge for you!" ;x

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legokevin360 (author)2008-10-04

oh my gosh1!!!!! this was the scaryest ive had my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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uniboob tom (author)2008-10-03
bumpus (author)2008-10-02