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Halloween Party Answered

Want to liven up your Halloween party with some tasty and gross treats? Of course you do! There's nothing better than watching guests hesitating to eat a delicious snack because it looks like it might still be alive.

So get right to it and check out these Instructables for some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween event!

If you do make something awesome this year be sure to document it and enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Make a Bloody Valentine's Heart by theprojectmaker
When the heart is cut open, blood gushes out, revealing anything you hid inside. Bloody good!

How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO by hairyconiption
Make some Jell-O that glows in blacklight for some edible alien guts.

Doll serving dish by zieak
This one is so simple and monstrously effective. See who's willing to dip their chip inside a gutted doll.

Biohazard Halloween Candy by praguequest
Pack up a selection of treats and glowing lights that make it look like you're distributing toxic waste from your porch!

Frankenstein Finger Cookies by Sandoz338
Watch in delight as your guests eat up some chopped off fingers. These are complete with fingernails, blood, and even some hair on top.

Frog Spawn and Swamp Water Tea by whiteoakart
Create a disgusting-looking elixir with some white tapioca and a sweet drink on top. See how many people you can convince that these are eggs or tiny little tadpoles.

Finger Food by caitlinsdad
Rated PG, pretty gross, may cause you to toss your cookies...If eating a hot dog itself was not bad enough, this is worse.

Smoked salmon skull by zieak
Smoked salmon stuck onto an anatomical skull makes for a wonderfully creepy fleshy appetizer.

Blood Splattered Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs by technoplastique
Make those "deviled" eggs a little more evil with some nasty colors and splatters of blood!

Edible zombie eyeballs! by impulse94
Zombies want to eat humans, but who says it can't go the other way around? It's time for some payback!


I feel sick

Well, it was moving, but it really was not "alive" in the clinical sense.

I chicken that has had it's head removed cleanly, can still run around but it is not technically still "alive.

I just wouldn't want to attempt to eat, either the fish nor the renegade chicken :-)

Fish, maybe. Renegade headless chicken....probably not!

You'd eat a fish that was moving around ? I mean, that is taking Living Foods a bit far I think :-)

I dunno. I love sushi. I've eaten live insects before, so fish couldn't be toooo bad. Like I said though, chicken-OUT OF THE QUESTION!

If you have to give chase, no way then, eh? LOL

Yep, I have a thing against running down my meals.

Hmm, you must be a heck of a shot when deer hunting then..... ;-)
I remember long treks through the woods looking for a deer that decided he could run another mile before dropping over *sigh* in the days when I was actually up to walking that far in the woods :-)

Ya know, I've never had one run more than about 30 yards after the shot. Most of 'em just drop. I don't mind following one much, but it's the carrying it back that I hate. But, my favorite kind of hunting is to stroll through the woods with a shotgun until something jumps and runs. If I get it, I just go back and get the truck (or 4-wheeler) and come back to pick it up. But on public lands where I can't drive, I usually hunt pretty close to the roads!

Yeah, the year someone was shot dragging one back with the hind legs up over his shoulders *sigh - shakes head*, was one of the last times I went out for deer. But, yeah, I know what you mean. Even field dressed a deer gets pretty heavy after just a few hundred yards :-) I only ever hunted on State Game Lands for deer; myself.

There's a couple of GREAT state run lands around here, but you have to put in for a drawing. My kids were drawn for a good hunt this year, but pther than that, we'll pretty much stay on private lands. I just hate being out in the woods with thousands of strangers armed with high-powered rifles!

Halloween my arse, I'll be making this stuff all year!


9 years ago

Very convincingly GRUESOME! I have strangely lost my appetite for the moment. . .

Really Cool! Great job, Instructablers.