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CLOSED - Halloween Postcards 2017! Answered

Did you miss out on the postcard? Don't worry. You can get your very own papercraft vampire robot right here! Don't forget to check out the photo challenge we have going on with it. You could win a Kodak Digital Camera or Cat Ear Phones!


It's that time of year yet again!

We want to send you a Halloween postcard. In order to get one, all you need to do is fill in this form. That's it.

Please fill out the form by Sunday, September 10th, 2017.

Again, if you want the postcard, please fill out the form. Do not post a comment with your address or send me a PM. I need your information in the form to get you the postcard. Also, please fill it out as completely as you can. We are expecting thousands of responses and will not be checking for mistakes. If the postcard can't be mailed, it won't be.

Don't forget to use the FORM!


Please don't forget me next year!

I received my postcard at last!

Thank you so much!

I'm also not recieved Halloween postcard, i had also filled up everything, even follow up you in inbox, but still no sign of card.

I'm sorry, but all addresses were sent to the printers for the postcards to be sent directly. Sometimes the post office just fails. I also didn't get mine yet and probably never will.

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed. It feels like a larger than normal amount of people didn't get their postcards.

hi Penolopy, I still haven't received my Halloween postcard. I had filled up everything they had said. Is it suppose to come on the 31st of October? By the way I'm from India. Hope you're enjoying Halloween :-)

Hi Bhaswar,

I'm sorry you haven't received your postcard yet! I'm guessing the reason for the delay is likely the distance it had to travel. Occasionally things do get lost in the mail too, so that's also a possibility. But I hope you'll receive it soon!

Sam (seamster)

Thanks a lot Sam for replying to my question. If it did get lost while sending the postcard by mail, will I get another one or it will be lost for ever. Once again I'm really hoping to see my first Halloween postcard!! :-)

If it was lost, unfortunately there wouldn't be a way to send you another one this year, as we paid a separate company to print and mail them.

However, the papercraft portion of the postcard is the same as you can download here https://www.instructables.com/id/Vampire-Robot/.

I've also scanned my postcard and uploaded it here for you if you'd like to print it. I took my name off so you can add your own :)


halloween postcar_0001.jpghalloween postcar_0002.jpg

hello Sam!

Thanks for sending me the soft copy of the postcard. I really appreciate it. It's okay if I didn't get the postcard. Looking forward for next year's Halloween!

Happy making !!!! :-D


8 months ago

Thanks for the H-card Penolopy :-)

I see where the head goes but do you have any idea how the legs are meant to attach..

The opposed white leg tabs line up with body bottom slots but that brings the red to the front !!??


I actually haven't put him together myself yet (I'm still waiting for my postcard to come :P ) But the photo documentation can be found here!

Once I get my own together, I can be more help!

Thanks for responding, Got some outside help.

Have a fun Holoween :-)


First time I ever missed the deadline, am I the only one who never seems to get emails from Instructables these days? I used to get several a week and there was always a reminder for Halloween cards, nothing at all these days.

Thank You,all these years I missed the deadline but not this time :-D


I'm from India. So, do you send those postcards to India also?

Just curious. :)


I never received one :(

So, can you or anyone else here share a picture of the postcard so that I can take a look?

The postcard is inside the display board...I haven't got a clearer picture right now..sorry


Missed the deadline again. I haven't gotten one for a few years. I used to get them without even signing up! That was weird.

Thank you, I've just filled in this form


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What is the postcard like? I don't like Halloween at all, (a DUMB holiday IMO) but it sounds interesting.

Of course you feel that way because it is not a sanctioned Christian holiday for Knex island people !

Quoting you "I can do all things through Christ"

Sixty eight percent of your ibles are Knex devices..

You are an island to yourself in a strong opinion against paganistic ritual, that

"Some Christians feel concerned about the modern celebration of Halloween because they feel it trivializes – or celebrates – paganism, the occult, or other practices and cultural phenomena deemed incompatible with their beliefs.[207]


Halloween is considered to be this sites major event.

But you still have an open mind ;-)




10 months ago

Very nice :)

The form has been filled in!


Hallo Ween! Nice to meet you ^^

Thanks for doing this, cant wait to get one in the mail.