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Halloween Project Contest Winners Answered

The results are out!


I hope everyone had a blast entering their projects. For the Thanksgiving Contest, I just confirmed that we're going to have three really awesome grand prizes in addition to what's already mentioned. I won't spill the beans until they actually arrive here and I'm sure they work, but that concept of copying images from your camera and uploading them to the web -- gone.


Always a bride's maid... I read my first copy of Make yesterday and was suitably impressed. Whoo Hoo.

Ditto on the bridsemaid thing! I was hoping for the microcontroller kit. I am, however, happier with the 3rd prize (Make magazine) than with the 2nd. Odd huh?

I've got every issue of Make so far..... I really need to subscribe! I've been loaning them out to my neighbor's teenage daughter (she's one of those genius kids, all advanced classes and utterly bored with school) and she freaks out every time I hand her a new issue. She has to fight with her dad to see who gets to read it first.


11 years ago

Sweet! I'm already dreaming up projects: all kinds of animatronics come to mind as does a cardboard R2D2 to go with my Fett.... :P

Congratulations bud! Yours deserved it.

Thanks! I'm going to have to cook up something really exciting for next year.....