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Halloween costume ideas? (easy, simple, cheap) Answered

I'll be going to a Halloween party at a housing complex for elderly and disabled people, and everyone's been asked to dress up somehow. My problem is that these are ordinary, normal sort of people, but I tend to think like a way-too-well-read egghead. All my costume ideas (a Fruity Oaty Bar? ....Lady MacBeth? ...Marvin, the Paranoid Android? ...a Brownie from British folk mythology, to tie in with the chocolate brownies from the oven I'll be bringing for the treats table?) are overly intellectual and/or obscure, and would torpedo all the efforts I make not to come off too much like a stuck-up know-it-all. So I need ordinary, normal costume ideas: the easier and cheaper, the better: A witch? A bat? A ghost (no, Gorfie, not Of Christmas Past, or Hamlet's Father, or Banquo either - just an ordinary, normal, plain vanilla, garden variety ghost)?



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This would make a great forum topic - it lives on that way... anyhoo... ghost is dead simple...a sheet..literally. apply make up and pretend to be geriatric I am running a blank, but I've been awake far too long.

Thanks, Frollard, and you're quite right - I'm going to start this as a Forum topic when I'm done responding here.

I've been running blanks myself:
I had thought of doing the "cut some eye-holes into an old white sheet and go as a ghost" thing, but from the practical viewpoint it'd be like wearing the world's most poorly designed and cumbersome burqa.
(Wearing a real burqa might be fun - if it wouldn't outrage the chauvinistic sensibilities of our many not-so-multicultural residents ,while simultaneously seeming to mock our handful of Muslim and/or Arab residents.)

And since at least half of the residents are genuinely geriatric themselves.... :(

But the Forum Topic gets you Best Answer, so you're invited to go buy yourself an ice cream cone. :)


im going as a taliban guy. i hope not to offend anyone, but my friends said to be something like a russian or nazi or something like that. at least this way i get a cool mask thing.

be yourself

Not to sure about that - I wouldn't want to go around striking terror into people's hearts. ;)

Remember Wilson, the neighbor on "Home Improvement"? I made my son a Wilson costume that consisted of a 1-foot by 2-foot piece of cardboard with a "dogear" fence pattern cut along the long top edge, wood grain pattern drawn on with a marker, and a paper cartoon dialogue balloon taped onto it that said, "Hi-dee-ho, Good Neighbor!" There were duct tape handles taped on the back. He put on a red plaid wool earflapped hat, held the piece of fence at about nose-level, rang the doorbell, and stood back. People cracked up and gave him Snickers bars.

How about the scarecrow from Wizard Of Ozz? It's a movie from their era and non threatening like the death idea.

Hey, now, that's an idea -

I want to avoid any specific cultural references like Star Wars, the more colorfully improvisational aspects of Chicago banking history, or even The Wizard of Oz; but a plain old generic scarecrow could work pretty well.

A lot of the residents know me from watching me work in our community gardens, and I'd been toying with the idea of working up some sort of "gardener" costume. If I started with the "scarecrow" idea, and then added a smallish watering can & a trowel or some such....
(And if I filled the watering can with Halloween candy to hand out to everybody, wouldn't that be just way too cute for words? :)

Pale grey panake makeup.
Dark shadows around eyes, cheeks.
Wear a large hoodie.
Speak mournfully.

Young Death!

Thanks, Kiteman :) I'm afraid that ReDesign pretty much hit the nail on the head- Death, in its uncostumed (and presumably ageless) form, comes around here once or twice a year - that's a hard act to follow, even supposing one were to want to try. But it's an excellent idea for any party without so much moribundity already on the guest list.

Thanks, KSC :)

Just a plain brown box might be a little too simple, but I could add amusing shipping & return addresses, and find some sort of fun to have with postage & cancellation marks...

You could find a brown-ish color bathrobe and a blue lightsaber and be a Jedi!

Al Copone