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Halloween's Most Wanted Answered

The results are in for the Top Ten Halloween Costumes!

This is a great standard list, but it lacks the ingenuity the Instructables community is known for!
What's in your top ten? Let's get creative and show them a thing or two.

Get building and boast your ideas here:DIY Halloween Contest

Top Halloween Costumes 2008

Adult Costumes

1. Witch
2. Pirate
3. Vampire
4. Cat
5. Fairy
6. Nurse
7. Batman
8. Political
9. Ghost
10. Angel

Kid Costumes

1. Princess
2. Witch
3. Hannah Montana
4. Spider-Man
5. Pirate
6. Star Wars
7. Pumpkin
8. Batman
9. Disney Princess
10. Athlete

Information provided by CNBC


I want to be a "political." Perhaps I will be a lobbyist. Or maybe a lobbyist ghost.... that is secretly Batman...

I'm secretly an Elitist. :P

Hahah, I was, then I heard about his view on guns.. I'm American, I got to have my guns. :P

Rofl, yeah, what if Obama supporters attempt to come into my house this halloween, when I put up a sign that says:

Who are you voting for?Mccain | Mccain_______|_______       |              |           |              |       |              |       |              |   

Wow, that makes it look like Jesus is endorsing McCain!

Lol! Yeah, well he does. Jesus also supports Walmart.

Except now you won't be able to afford them (unless you already ARE independently wealthy ;)

No pin-up girls? Pfft. I'm Betty Page-ing it this year. I bet no one yells at me at work on Halloween!

That's what I hinted at below....no one wants to be former beauty contestant Sarah Palin ? LOL

Oh, and this I thought was REALLY COOL!!!

When Sat. Night Live makes fun of people, normally they have to alter some of what is said to make it funny.....in Sarah's case, no need to change a word.....

I personally think that it's just because Tina Fey does it so well. That's what makes it funny; not what Palin says, but rather how Tina Fey says them.

she imitated her perfectly (IMHO). I thought it was funny (well, a bit pathetic really for a candidate's answer to a question) when I saw the interview. Then I saw the Sat night Live skit and thought, she was MADE for that role LOL

What? No one wants to be Palin ?

sometimes I kill myself LOL

Could you represent Palin as president? Now that's a scary costume!

I should be a princess, but im planning on being a cheerleader

Would anyone like a general halloween party 'ible? I've got one planned, all things evil included...

I always wanted to be bullwinkle as a kid lol

I thought robots would have been on that list...