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Halo 4???? Answered

Is there going to be a halo 4? I've heard there will be a new one called Halo Chronicles. But the storyline is unknown, but what could it be? Anybody have any ideas? Or where to find info about it. Come on People. The fate of the Chief is on the line. And the fate of Halo.


Halo 4 has been confirmed along with Halo 5 and Halo 6! Get ready to party!!!

Nope, that's based before halo wars... reach -halo wars- halo 1- halo 2- halo3/ ODST- chronicles (cancelled)

The halos i know Hal01 Halo2 Halo3 Halo wars Halo recon

nah bro, there no halo 4, im a beloved fan..diehard..sadly i think its over other than halo ODST

e3 2009, microsoft confrence, bungie time, end of halo 3 odst trailer, halo: reach!!!!! man their milking it for every dollar....

There is no Halo 4 however, but there is a Halo Chronicals comming out soon. It is more like Age of Empires. You command platoons of spartans.

i thought that was halo wars halo wars was the prequel of combat evolved but its a 3rd person shooter like AOE

theres gonna be an halo ODST

NO! I've seen a video interviewing Peter Jackson saying his team will work with Bungie to co-create a new chapter in the halo chronicals (hence the name). excatly what it will be "has yet to be unveiled" and I think this will be the cover picture..


Halo Wars(real time strategy game) is out now. Halo 3 :ODST is scheduled to come out in fall 2009. The first halo game was supposed to be a real time strategy for the MacIntosh, but they made a first person shooter for the PC instead.


lol, where did you get that pic?

Update, I found more info. There will probably be upgraded weapons, armour,enemies, and finally. Better AI.

Lol sorry dude but that's like way too obvious. Well duh if there's a new game coming out it's going to be better in those aspects...

Did you? Provide a link to this information.

yeah i heard something somewhere about a second trilogy and i was like Whoa! I didn't think they would make more any because Microsoft still owns some rights to Halo and I didn't think bungie would want to split the money

I guess it just your opinion. to me it's awsome

Not Halo wars. Ive heard there is a Halo Chronicles, where the Prophet of wisdom( Truth's Brother) finds the Chief, nearly kills him and steals Cortana. Again. After that he re enters and is repaired. Now we get to attack the brutes and covenant, Oh and Wisdom finds a Dormant planet of flood. And the Gravemind.

That's pretty much the plot of halo 3, just with names substituted...

Plus a few new vehicles, including a water warthog. " pictures water hog flying off a massive ramp into fusion coils.