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Halo Replica Question Answered

Alright, I'm trying to make a replica of the Halo 3 Magnum (Yes, I know that technically it's not a Magnum but I don't feel like trying to remember the real name) and I already have the base cardboard cutout for it, but I realized that what I was going to do is a little more complicated than I thought. Originally I had seen someone who built an Assault rifle and Splazer out of just cardboard by having the basic shape in the middle and then layering it on both sides in certain areas in order to make it 3D. I was wondering though what other ways of making models are there that's fairly "easy" for a fanboy to do. "Easy" by means of accessibility; I know whatever I do is goin to take some amount of work to do, but I don't want someone telling me to use a vacuform machine. I just need to know if there's any ways of making replicas that doesn't require extravagant amounts of money or resources.


yea i no theyre easy to make, but i dont have enough money to keep me supplied with wood/styrofoam for modeling and the plexi for molding. how the heck would u be able to sand cardboard. idk y but that just doesnt seem possible.

you just make a Roth model of your gun, then take some fine grit sandpaper, maybe around 200 grit to make itnlook more like a gun. Hobby knives are helpful too.

you should use a vacuum former LOL They only cost like 100 dollars or less to make. Otherwise just keep laying down rough cardboard forms, glue it, sand it down to the right form, then coat it with paint or something like that