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Halo Weapons that should be Invented...! Answered

We should come up with a list of halo weapons that have not been invented yet...Such as a good SMG, or a Beam Rifle, or a good assault rifle...the list goes on.  Also, if any one already has one of these topics/threads, I did not see it, so I started this one.


i WILL be posting a halo 4 sniper rifle once i perfect it

S0lekill3r has made an amazing Halo SMG years ago. DRADIS made an amazing plasma rifle. I'm not sure about the beam rifle but I think some dutch guy made one out of knex too.

ok ill set it up when i get hoome from school(im there now)

Ive been thinking about a DMR but i cant post so what would it mean to you

halo weapons rock epic!

Oh goodness yes! Would you do me a fave, and go and look at some of my 'ibles and give me advice?

Y'know, I would really like to take on the SMG, I just don't want to deal with the magazine that is designed in such a silly fashion on the side of the gun. And the stock doesn't really extend that far out to be useful.

Why do you need to come up with a list of halo weapons that need inventing?
How do you decide what a need is, and what use would the list be? (in terms of weapons in a game)