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Hammock Bed Answered

I just came across this incredibly comfortable looking hammock that I so desperately want. Unfortunately the price tag ($650) is a little too heavy. I think I can manage to make my own if I find the right materials.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about doing it before I get started?


Get a cheap comforter from IKEA or use a nice patterned one for a whatever size bed you want. Get a canvas tarp used as dropcloths for painting from a home-center. Put both of them together by sewing all around the edges but leave a hole to pass everything through like a duvet cover. Flip it inside out to make the finished edges look nice. Sew triangular corners for reinforcement. Get a large grommet kit to put grommets in the corners. Hang with climbing rope or chain fixed to your secure mounts in the wall or tree. Good luck.

I'm trying to think what material would be comfortably soft yet still strong enough to hold the weight of a person. Also, what kind of padding would be best?

What about making it out of some type of material that might not be very soft on your skin but strong enough to hold you up and then making a cover for it?

I would love one of those so much. They look sooo comfy. If you make one you should totally make an instructable about it. Hmmm.... You could get a hold of some sail material and a down comforter or two and something for the corners of it... I'm just not sure where you could get the stuff.

To me, this just looks like a feather stuffed quilt made of sturdy material.

Use rope! The stretchy kind.

take to pieces of canvas and fill he inside with all of the padding? or you could have just a thick tarp and put a cushion on the tarp with like velcro or something. just an idea