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Hamster-powered paper-shredder! Answered

The hamster turns the wheel, the paper is shredded into the cage providing the critter with more bedding.

Tom Ballhatchet

(See the other projects there too)



Tin-plated steel cans with minor technical changes that metamorphosise into colourful spinning tops to bring a little magic into the lives of children caught up in post-disaster situations.


Yes, that's an interesting one. Our house has been swept away by a tsunami, but we've all eaten. Now that we don't have the TV: "amuse yourself with this (while we try to find some kind of roof to put over our heads)"... How was Duxford? L

Windy, and heaving with cubs (there were three county scale trips there, plus sinlge troops of Beavers and Scouts.)

The displays are, of course, excellent, but they're a pig to photograph properly - there's always something in the way, or the lighting is odd. Homage was made to my three favourite aircraft - Vulcan, Concorde and Blackbird - but mainly I ambled around enjoying the views while the Cubs sprinted in three directions at once to try and see everything.

Well some day I'll probably get there. I should like to see Concorde and Vulcan in the same place, because excepting the fuselage they look rather similar in design. Fatha once dragged me out Elvington because they were starting up a Buccaneer - that was loud noisy fun! (they also turned the engines over on a Victor)


They're not as similar as you'd think - form and function definitely follow.

Concorde always make me think of a beautifully-engineered paper dart (partly because it's white), where as Vulcan feels like a predator, organic, shark-like. I could easily imagine it flying independently, sans crew or autopilot.

Well I'd agree with you there. It's just that the back-end, wings and engine set seem the same - as I said, I'd like to see both. L

Cool, he can make his own bedding when he wants to then :-)