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Hand Held Controller? Answered

HI Jonathan,

I just purchased a new Axiom CNC Pro 8 for my classroom. This CNC operates using a hand held Controller. Our first CNC router is operated by a laptop. Can you recommend a site that teaches the use of a hand held controller. I want to be confident next fall when I introduce our students to our new router. I also would like if you can recommend a site that contains cutter stats I can up load in to Aspir 8.5.

Thank you.

Mark Martinez

Marysville HS

Marysville, CA

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-06-05

Hi Mark,

It looks like the controller is just an interface. You would follow all the same steps in this class, post-process the code, then move that over to the controller with a USB stick. I would imagine it's pretty straightforward- there are probably preview, run, pause, stop commands, etc.

My advice is to set it up and play around with the controller a bit. then try to run a small file. You should ask them if they have a post processor for Fusion, although generic g-code will probably work regardless.

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