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Hand winding of helical springs? Answered

Are there any thoughts on an easy way to hand wind a helical compression spring using simple hobby workshop equipment? Say, d = 0.25 mm, free l = 80 mm and shut force about o.5 N ( 0.1 lbf)


Winding a compression spring isn't too hard, winding one to a certain spring rate however requires some maths to work it all out. If you have a lathe, then winding a spring is pretty straightforward, especially if it has a very slow back gear - tension the spring wire round a mandral, and carefully lay the wires together.

Thanks Steve, but how can it be done without a lathe

There are gadgets that don't use a lathe, but I've found it very hard to get nice even windings without one. Perhaps you could use a slow speed electric screwdriver ?