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Handle Pump Pistol (HPP) / Mini Support Weapon (MSW) Answered

This little prototype (the Handle Pump Pistol [HPP] / Mini Support Weapon [MSW]) came out of an idea I found in this forum topic. TD said to KILLERK: "Seeing how the main drawback to this weapon is its single shot with long reload, might as well throw a mini shotgun on it." And then it struck me, I should try that as a tribute to my friend KILLERK.

This is the start of that project. It is a handle pump true trigger under-barrel pistol (XD, say that ten times fast). I thought you guys might like to help me out with it.

It has two main problems.
Problem 1) Pin-pull is not good enough to get any range
Prob elm 2) No magazine / loading area.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

(NOTE: this forum topic was written in haste, words might be misspelled, capitalization might be off, punctuation might not be correct, ect. I will elaborate later.)


this will always be one of my favorites

I was just waiting to see one of these made. Now... If I ever get motivated, I'd want to try and use this to make something out of it! Great job. :D

Yeah, I'm around here all of the time; I just usually don't comment on anything; or post anything anymore.

Let me be honest... There's almost no knex thing nowadays that is particularly special. I don't post anything either because of my lack of inspiration to build anything that would even be half-decent to "2013" standards. I honestly haven't built anything in close to a year.

Well, I am of the opinion that all K'NEX guns could/can be improved. I am also of the opinion that you don't HAVE to post something new, it can be generic, as long as it is not an exact copy of someone else's gun (unless, of course, you are posting a full 'ible of something that they did not post a full 'ible of... really bad grammar).

Please do get motivated! I would love to see more from you. Yeah, this is O.K., but it needs a ton of work. Thanks all the same. =D

Shotguns were supposed to be my thing =P It looks ..interesting,kinda uniqish =P

I'm happy someone actually gave it a shot. It's progress and that's what counts. In itself it may not be what we're looking for, but it's something to build off of to possibly add that secondary support weapon. Perhaps see if it can be combined with that repeating shotgun concept I had years ago. What you could do is make a yellow connector with white rod as a power transfer device that hits three pieces of ammo.

Yeah, as I said to JBG, this particular prototype is not the answer, but it is a start. Repeating shotgun concept? I am not sure if I understand you, do you have any pics for me?

It might be hard to see but here's a failed version of my concept using my oodassault. It's not nice to work with rods but connectors work great.


That is less important than the power transfer. The idea is you use a magazine that is 5 layers wide and fits 3 pieces of ammo side by side per row. It doesn't work well with rods but it works just fine with connector ammo. https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Basic-Shot-Weapon-BSW/
Foofs used my original concept of using a full pin with a yellow connector. I realized it'd allow much more power and a more compact or durable weapon if you just stuck with a tradition pin and a power transfer. So just figure out how to add the magazine and the power transfer and you're set.

Well, if I do that, I'm gonna need to get rid of the handle pump, as it would make the gun altogether to long and hefty for an under-barrel shotgun.

Looks really, really, awesome!

Thanks. It is not perfected yet, and this particular model is not the answer to TD's "request," but it is a start.

How sturdy is it? This would be really cool with a turret or magazine on it.

To be honest... not very sturdy. At first it was working well, but all of a sudden, bam! It is like the "gun" itself decided not to work for me any more.