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Happy Halloween, kiddos! Answered

I woke up at 4:30. I was too excited to sleep. Halloween is my Christmas. :P So what's everyone doing this weekend? Anything fun? What are you dressing up as? I'm going to a couple of parties and a Bad Movie Night, featuring Death Bed: The Bed That Eats People and Leprechaun 4. :D Plus, I get to dress up at work all day!


Hallowe'en hasn't kicked off here yet - it's only lunchtime. The boy's have carved their own pumpkins, though, and have bought it sweeties for the few trick-or-treaters we tend to get. That wig really suits you, by the way.

Why, thank you, Kiteman!

I have to tell you - Kiteman - that I am very flattered.

If someone else takes credit now I really can't do anything about it. :D


I wasn't blaming you!

Just risking being blamed for harassment!

. She is a femme fatale, isn't she? ;)

An acquaintance of mine once said: you know you are getting older, when you go to a wedding and the Bride's mother, looks better then the bride..... :-)

Damn, now I have to clean fish-scales out of my armour!

Oh, and you could at least have used a fresh one... do they do a version of Fabreze to use of worked steel?

. That's "armor." Armour makes hot dogs. <snicker>
. "Hot dogs! Armour hot dogs! What kinds of kids eat Armour hot dog? Fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks. ... Even kids with chicken pox ... The dog kids love to bite." Page with MP3

Now, that's America all over - advertising jingles are more important that correct spelling...

Hey, hey, hey, what do we have to do-publish an ible on harassment on the site? ;)

Hahaha Give it up for The Three Stooges! :D

I was looking at my age, and how I define the difference between pretty and beautiful..... :-)

The one on the left is R2D2, by #2 son. On the right, a traditional model by #1 son. Both hollowed and carved by the boys themselves.


Those are great! They should consider doing this for a living...... I love the R2D2 one the most, but the other one looks better....I am torn...

Oh, those are really good! I really wanted to carve pumpkins this year, but the end of the month was just too busy!

They're not huge, and all I had to do was wipe the floor afterwards, so (although the boys spent about an hour and a half drawing and carving) it was really only ten minutes out of my day.

Pretty good turnout tonight - must be because it's Friday, and having the pumpkins on the doorstep will have helped as well. Quite a range of costumes, from simple bought masks to full zombie make-ups. Nice to see every single visitor so far has been very polite, and the small ones all had grown-ups with them. In fact, one group of three kids had about ten adults with them, all in costume.

Wow! Sadly, with recent problems with certain members harassing others, I will refrain from my "wolf-whistle". :-(

Ha! I can still do it! Hey Jessy! *Cartoon Wolf-Whistle and other cartoon wolf antics*

You're braver than me KK! (THings never work out well for that ole wolf!)

I'm young and grabbing life by the horns! Looks like you slipped from old age.....

The age thing maybe..... But more than that, (after I confessed an undying attraction to Betty Page) I think Mrs. Skunkbait might not take it well. This old wolf has been pretty well turned into a lap-dog:-(

me and some friends scared people with bull horns, lol.

Halloween just finished for me. Must of had 50+ kids. Apparently my house was the best. It was a great turn out for AU.

I don't think I'll have any trick or treaters, sadly. Apartment and all that. :P I haven't had any since I've lived in Louisville.

The first year in our current house, we hung up a bunch of ghosts and got GOOD candy. NO ONE showed up (flag lot, no sidewalks, snooty neighborhood full of old folks, etc. Sigh.) So now we go back to our old house (where my brother in law is now living) and trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. LOTS of kids there (IIRC, the first year we lived there we ran out of candy and started handing out things like breakfast bars, hot-chocolate mix, and so on...)

That's a shame. I love seeing the lil' kiddies scared stiff with fear. Although I had a shirt on in the PG13 hours of the afternoon. The scares got a bit more MA15+ after the sun went down though.

Wudya dressed as?

Ahh, as I believe Goodhart stated, the wig looks good!

I can't even pass a compliment without somebody else taking credit, dagnabbit!

Well, we look SO much alike, it is no wonder the youngin's get confused LOL

Nah I just couldn't remember, and I carried a conversation with G more recently than K so...

Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster Am I going senile in my teens?

How embarrassing... The Rocket crashes before the Hart stops beating... ugh

Nah, youth heals...temporary set back :-)

Here, hold on, let me address you directly...