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Happy Old Year! Answered

2007 is fine and dandy, but what about all the cool stuff that happened here in the past year? A couple thousand projects have gone up on the site in 2006. So which ones still stand out as your favorites? Or who are some of your favorite people?

Here are a few that still rock my socks:

Universal Nut Sheller is a great effort at open-sourcing help to the rest of the world.

The LED Throwie Rat is vile and gross and I could never make one myself, but damn if it doesn't still make me laugh whenever I see it or read the comments.

I have one cat and can use another so maybe learning to deliver kittens would be a good idea.

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Gnaw (author)2007-01-02

HA! I've never read those instruables before, very cool. Way-to-light-up streets fungus. Maybe, you should start a ... "Post your New Years pictures" thread or somthing.

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fungus amungus (author)Gnaw2007-01-02

I would if i had my own photos. That's from one of my Flickr contacts.

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LasVegas (author)2007-01-01

I have to agree with you fungus... Both were very entertaining reads.

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