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Has anybody attempted this project before? Answered

I got a 1952 RCA console TV I have Gutted the old CRT and chasis. I am going to replace the CRT [ TV TUBE] with a computor monitor and a cable box. I'll drill a front door peep hole viewer in front of the cable box IR sensor for remote control. I make a new custom trim plate for the new " picture tube" and I would like to use the old 8" speaker. Monitors have a more square shape than LCD TV's which is closer to the round tubes of the fiftys. Using a cable box would allow me to place the Peep site where I want it with relation to the cabinet.



5 years ago

you spelled "computer" wrong : - )

I had a project like that a while back. I took an old computer monitor and replaced the insides with something more useful to me.


unless you are trying to get the TV to work, this should be fairly easy to do

There have been a lot of retrofitting projects done with old TVs, but each one is unique because it depends on what you need from the setup, and also what the dimensions of your system and components are. (My friends and I used to talk about turning an old '80s monitor into a sort of retro iMac thing by gutting it and putting an LCD screen and computer inside. We never got it done, but it provided lots of ideas and good times!) In any case (no pun intended), good luck and if it works out, be sure to make an Instructable so we can see how you did with it!