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Has anybody else got this? Answered

I had an unexpected surprise today, I found this MAKE: book by the door addressed to me... (Thanks MAKE: team!) I was happy about that and I am enjoying reading this book, but then I am starting to wonder why did I receive this book...? And has anybody else unexpectedly got something from MAKE: or Instructables? (I know Goodhart got a T-Shirt from the members of Instructables.) (I can't post the picture on this forum, there is some weird error going on...)


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(Attacked by a hobo's request and sledgehammer)

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take that and reverse it and you will see.

that issue seemed like the coolest one too...

Sorry! It just popped up right in front of my door like it is from nowhere!

When you find out, let me know...

Haha! Okay... You want one too for free, don't you?

Okay, I will tell you when I find out how I got it.

I still don't know why it came to me!! :-(

Me receiving this MAKE: book is still a mystery to me...

I got that, I was just being puzzled.


9 years ago

Wow congratz

Maybe you could post an Instructable for each gadget for those of us who are less awesome.

I would bet that Make saw one of your instructables, and thought it was soooo good, that they decided to feature it on one of their products. They sent you the book as royalty. idk really. but congrats!

They contact people before they do that. I would know :D

Congrats! You deserve the book! What is it about, witch book? Congratulations again! :D

Thanks! The book is MAKE: spytech 10 sneaky gadgets you can make

Cool! That sounds great! Enjoy reading! :D

What you described farther down ("MAKE: spytech") is actually issue 16 of MAKE Magazine. It came out in November; MAKE 17 is due out this month (February). Do you have a friend who might have bought you a subscription as a gift?

I barely have any friends in the real world, so no... (Oh, thanks for telling me what issue it is!)


9 years ago

Lucky! MAKE: is awesome but they don't sell it in my country... Maybe Instructables thought your a brilliant member, used the contest to track your address and gave you a free MAKE: magazine.

Nope, I haven't had any things sent to me, Where have you published your address?

But I got a sample from Maxim

I did not publish my address anywhere, but via instructables email to the headquarters.

I am SOOOOO jealous. I have never wanted to spend the money, But I have always wanted there magazine!

Well done - I also think you deserve it Don't Worry , Be happy :D

Yeah, I think I do deserve it, and yes, I am happy about it! Thanks! :-)


9 years ago

It's probably because they wrote that story about you in the instructables book. Congrats on getting free stuff!

Have you won any contests? I got a Craft: book in the mail one day, and it took a lot of thinking to figure out what it was from.