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Has anyone else heard of Animusic? Answered

Please scroll all the way down if the answer for you is yes for the title question!!!

Animusic 1 DVD

Future Retro

Stick Figures


These are just samples so search Animusic on youtube... or to buy the first or second dvd, go here

If the answer was yes, do you have any sheetmusic for any of the instruments? THANKS!


Watching it right now. Phenomenal when you consider the time and effort it takes to create them. Y'all ought to try it in HD, it looks so real!!

i have i remember seeing that once when i was 4 but i thot it was generated at random now i know better(parents said it was computer generated. didnt get it) now that ive found it i listen to it every time im near a computer that i can use

When you were 4? How old are you?
Pfft. Yeah, okay. Like you REALLY heard Animusic 5 years before their first DVD/CD was released.

? im sure i heard it before i was nine of that i'm very sure

Maybe you saw a commercial like a year or two before it came out.

to be honest i heard it at fry's (electronics) they sometimes do pre-releases. so yeah i did hear it before nine

I'm not sure where you could find the sheet music. You could try looking up the names of the composers on the DVD credits. Also remember that Animusic was computer animation driven by MIDI input files... so you may be able to find the MIDI files, and use some software like Finale or Sibaleus (spelling?) to generate the score.

I've seen commercials for it. Didn't really understand the point of putting them on DVD.

There were at one time being featured on Public TV in my area.....WITF as a matter of fact.

The DVD's carry much longer versions, and there is a technical explanation as to how it is done.....since the images are computer MUSIC generated, it follows that the images had to know ahead of time when to start swinging the drum stick for instance, and not at the instance of the drum beat.

I found it all QUITE fascinating really.

Not to be confused with Antmusic...

. Wow. It's been many years - at least 10 - since I heard that one. (Or anything else by A&TA;, come to think of it.)

ah yes, part of the era of incomprehensible lyrics LOL

guitar hero anyone ?


9 years ago

oh, hell yeah!! i caught that on pbs late at night.... errr... inebriated and i'm one of those people that can't be the only one to experience something, so i dug around and found my then-girlfriend's camcorder and filmed the last 30 minutes of it to show friends and girlfriend later... best show ever... (except for some of the music.)

I really like acoustic curves from dvd 1.

Well, we definately got 2 DVD's, in two packages, but what they picture as #2 is not what we got. It must be just #1, with an extended version DVD or something. Anyways, when I showed the clips to Nacho, he was impressed enough with them to send for #1. I really like them too.

...do you have any sheetmusic for any of the instruments?

Sheet music? For animated instruments? That don't actually exist?

(What ever happened to sampling?)

No, I mean like, in the bottom one the 1 stringed thing in the front could be like a guitar or something. Or the Lasers in the back could be A keyboard or synthesizer.

yes, they are completely computer generated images....in fact, on the one DVD, they examine the "structure" of the complex drum mechanism and base it sits on, and nothing could be built to both maintain the rapid motions of the gears, that would be required, AND still withstand the weight and bulk of the thing. It isn't really doable for a lot of reasons.

Yeah. Awesome stuff