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Has anyone ever seen a brass motorcycle? Answered

I'm thinking if you can use steel tubing, you could use solid brass.  Yes it would be heavy but those motors are huge, call it clutch wear.



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There's a reason brass isn't used for structural parts, its too soft. It will bend under stress and stretch under tension. If you try to tap it for a screw or bolt, the bolt will pull out of the thread. If you try to harden it, it becomes brittle. Its not a good coice for most structural applications.
Plated steel would be the best bet if you want to have a brass finish.

Check out the Chater-Lea 1929 brooklands racer "Copperknob" at www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.co.uk

WOW! That's pretty sharp looking. I bet that frame is copper plated.

LOL, yes you could make a motorcycle out of solid brass it would end up weighting 4x as much . As several people state most "not all " brass is pretty soft compared to steel and it can fatigue and crack . You could design around that if you really want solid brass .If you try to use a high grade solid brass it will cost about 40 times as much as steel . Maybe even more more , as good steel is super cheap and very common place . With your recycling skills you might even get it free . Get an old motorcycle remove everything from the frame and brass plate the parts you want like Burf and gearhead1951 suggest .

If ya want a brass or bronze look to yer frame or any other structural , load bearing part of yer bike , PLATE IT !! (personally , I think that if it aint done properly it just looks like s**t )

There are Manganese BRONZES that are stronger than mild steels, and have somewhat of the look of brass,

By the way, Burf's answer is why the Iron Age came after the Bronze Age, and kicked the Bronze Age's butt.