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Has anyone ever tried tiling the inside of a firebox on your fireplace? Answered

My ventless gas fireplace has bland cream colored brick on the inside of the firebox. I would like to cover the brick with porcelain tile, which is supposed to be heat resistant. Has anyone tiled the inside of their firebox? Suggestions?

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jtp139 (author)2009-09-08

what if you did a stone veneer instead of ceramic tile. there's a whole mess of different types of stone that would probably look really beautiful.

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Prfesser (author)2009-09-08

There is heat-resistant and there's heat-resistant.... The cream-colored brick is probably firebrick, which is specially made to handle the direct heat of a flame.

Porcelain tile is often described as heat-resistant when used as countertop material, because a hot pan can be placed directly on it. But it will not stand up to repeated flame; in fact it may crack with the first fire built in the firebox.

As Andy! has said, if the tiles cool too fast they'll crack. If they are heated too fast the same thing can happen. If you're bound and determined to try it, take several of the tiles and place them against the firebrick. Build at least a dozen fires, let them cool completely. See what the tile looks like. Be aware that if you tile the inside and it *does* crack, you will have a helluva time getting the tile off. You might even have to get a professional to chip it out and re-brick, or coat with furnace mortar, or something.


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ANDY! (author)2009-09-07

I never done it but I think it might work with high temperature mortar too. If the tiles are cooled down too fast, they can break..

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