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Has anyone heard from Lateral Thinker ? Answered

I haven't heard ANYTHING from him in quite a few months, no emails, no updates here (nor in FB, etc).  I am hoping everything is ok with him.

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Which messages? Email? I don't have any pm's from in here. ...not current one's anyways.

Yea I sent you a private message before I posted on here. I'll check on my end mayybe I messed it up. Stranger things have happened.

Got both of them today...replied also.

Peter aka TimeTraveler, aka Lateral Thinker is Peter Van Helmond.

According to a post in his one blog, someone has said he has died.

Do you mean this?
""...for the rest of my life. Then I will be no more." (Time Traveller, still is and will be)
"Forever and ever, Amen."
N.B. Time Traveller - (Peter Van Helmond) passed away July 2010

I will make a formal post IF I can confirm this....

I do miss the lively discussion from the chap.

yeah, yeah, world peace and that sort of thing. 'tis the season...

He has left his forum high and dry, and I just discovered so many asking questions and not getting answers....I posted a few, but I don't get notification of questions unless they post TO me.

I posted there, and am waiting to see if I get any response :-)

I didn't know of that link....I will look around and see. . .