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Has anyone made a home spray dryer to make particles? Answered

Has onyone tried to make a spray dryer (see below)?  I am interested in making microparticles and this is potentially a method, but they run about $30K



I recently saw a show (BBC Food Factory) on recreating food industry processes. They made a DIY spray dryer rather simply. They sprayed the liquid to dry into the top of a rather large and long tube using a commercial Wagner paint sprayer for wall paint. The hot air was blown into the bottom of the tube with one or two hot air guns from the hardware store. AFAIR they used it to make instant coffee and powdered tomato sauce.
I hope this helps and is a starting point for you. Let me know if I have to review it for details.

I was wondering if you were able to get anywhere with the spray dryer. I was also looking at lab models but they are quite bulky and expensive as you mentioned.

No I haven't had time recently. But I was thinking it might be possible to use a spray can (see below) and have the outlet stream led into a long tube with warm air blowing toward the nozzle to dry the droplets created by the paint sprayer. The trick wold be collecting the dried powder.