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Has anyone made an electric mousetrap...where the mouse gets electrocuted? ? Answered

 My shop is located in my horse barn and am bombarded with mice.  I saw the electric mouse trap in our local hardware store, and found it fascinating...really a guy's deal.  I am unsure as to the specifics of what is needed from a technical/electrical perspective.  


Victor makes an electrocution mouse trap http://www.victorpest.com/


8 years ago

I wouldnt.
You can do it with a high voltage step up transformer like a car coil, but you have to push the amps up high enough for a fast clean kill. It is basically a one shot because the residual smell will scare the other rats away for about 3 months, AND most places in the world consider this a booby trap. If a spring trap gets a kids finger you put ice on it. If one of these cooks his hand or kills him you are going to pay for years, go to jail for maiming, dance backwards with bubba, etc.
Cats, or peanut butter on gauze to bait a trap. The peanut butter gets them in, and their teeth snag on the gauze ensuring the trap goes snap.

Forget the idea.  I used electricity to kill some gerbils once when i was a small boy.  It is a painfull memory to me now... because i used a 10,000 volt ignition coil with the pitifull rodents inside a metal cage.  It took multiple jolts to kill each gerbil...(similar to a mouse).  Other methods are more certain to kill if you prefer to kill.  Also methods of live capture can be used and the rodents released in the woods somewhere where they may become food for a bird. or just live their life in peace.   The electricity idea sounds good but does not work well when implemented in the real-world.  

Easier to find a neighbor whose barn cat had kittens and adopt one or two.  Barn cats can be great shop mascots and they are low maintenance- be sure to spay and neuter, we're being over-run with feral cats.

Oh, the old "ball-bearing mousetrap" -- a tomcat. (Though, as you point out, they function just as well with the balls removed.)

Sounds good to me. There are always cats who need safe homes.

Note that there are several instructables on mousetraps (not all of them used for trapping mice, admittedly); you might want to check them out.

Sounds unnecessarily awkward to install (you'd need power wherever you put it, or batteries to keep a large capacitor charged up) and expensive to run. It'd also be more hazardous to kids/pets who might be foolish enough to investigate it.

Why do you think it would be better than any other trap? The ordinary snap-trap is fairly effective when baited properly, reusable and fairly humane (it normally snaps the spine, causing shock and death almost immediately). The ordinary glue-trap is non-reusable and significantly inhumane, but I'm told it's effective. Live traps of various kinds also exist, some of which can reportedly trap multiple animals by "sweeping" them into a holding compartment.

"If you can build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door" -- but it needs to be measurably BETTER in some way. What's better about the electrocution-based version? Sounds like gimmick value is all it's got going for it.

You may be better off with the ultrasonic repellents for a barn. I did some production work in a converted barn and they used them there.
They do not need to be emptied, and you can get 4 for about £20 If you put them around the barn, especially where you have seen them, you should get the desired effect.