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Has anyone seen or used this before? Called a Sonic Slam Answered

   I was wondering about this game I saw in a catalog I get (email) called Sonic Slam (just out of curiosity) and if anyone has any experience with it.


Saw similar products but passed them up on the basis that unlike every other toy I've bought in the past few years none of them were designed to electrocute the losers, which is important to me.

What? You couldn't modify them appropriately? Those handles look plenty big enough for a capacitor.

You know I could do it, I might go to the cheapy shop tomorrow for that purpose, modify a childs toy in to something a little more murderous... It's also my foreign energy drink day so I look in whatever one I come across first.

Hey, the Electronic Goldmine has a 3,000 Farad, that's right a 3K FARAD capacitor for sale >:-)

The shockers don't need big caps, however... The threat of having your hand vaporised would be motivation to win...

Well, with this thing, you could almost light up florescent tubes by touching them LOL

Picked up everything I need and for another project in town... start on Sunday...

Hmmm, they already make one that looks like a racket, but electrocutes bugs and anyone else that touches it......so it shouldn't be a hard mod :-)

Yes, and I can see the next runner-up of the Darwin awards using it while leaning against a household radiator or while standing in a pool of water...

Well it should be some fun... thinking game controllers for this too...

.  Looks to me like it won't be released for a few days yet.
. " Never again will you be chasing and picking up your balls!"
.  I just HATE having to pick up my balls.

That is one charity where they have to pay you to be a supporter.

You're in good hands with Allstate. Now turn your head and cough...

Sounds like "hands on" experience to me...