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Has anyone succeeded ? Answered

I do not see how to join the legs to body ?


I think I see it.

One of the clues is, you can expect the white-colored tabs to go inside something, and thus, get hidden, since they are a different color from the rest of robot's outward facing surfaces.

I think the "cape" part, of robot's legs+bottom+cape, I think the cape part of that is going to be almost 2-dimensional, with red on one side and black on the other.

The white tab in the center of the red section of the cape, that tab is going to end up kind of circling around and going up through the slot in the middle of the legs+bottom+cape.

Also the two white tabs on the side of robot's legs, those fold up.

Once you have the legs+bottom+cape piece folded correctly, all three of those tabs will be pointing upward. Legs and cape will be pointing downward.

Also guessing that robot's cape will function as a kind of wide, third leg, so that robot can stand up without falling over.

Thank you were second...


8 months ago

Thanks for the help see a successful implementation below, you may have to click on it..

Seamster, since I am unable to issue those awards, BA goes to first one :-?


Hey! Nice work.

You know, if I had realized there was an official set of instructions for this, which there is, here,


then I probably would have just pointed to that.

I am guessing the materials for that arrived as a post card. I did not get one, because a few years back Instructables forgot my street address, and I decided to stay forgotten.

I only got the robot car :(
Plus I wasted quite some time trying to fix the server error game, but like with the Android easter egg I never make it to the end...

I only made it past the first tines :-P

After tediously cutting out my H-card it seems to be missing something obvious but I cannot see what..