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Has anyone? Answered

Has anyone actually built one of my ibles? any of them?


Hm... There should be a feature added to instructables to record the number of people who have used your instructable. That would be interesting. Maybe like a poll, "Have made this, have used ideas from this, have not made this". To answer the question though, I haven't.

Sorry, no.

You may find it astonishing, but some members of the K'NEX sub-community actually post non-K'NEX projects. Even you.

ya, i know that. but that doesnt answer my question

Didn't we have this conversation before? No, I don't have my own K'NEX. That does not mean I cannot validly and usefully comment on K'NEX projects.

he makes a point............ But as I said, the does not change anything, because I have over 20 ibles, and not all are knex.

they arnt ALL knex, take a look.

Where's the flag button?


9 years ago

nope. that's sad :(

can you ? just to prove them! maybe just a simple one? none has yet : (

how about my new music stand? please as a favor? PLEASE? It is REALLY simple......

that wasn't me that was knex builder freak. I don't have any music to stand up.


9 years ago

Who are you?