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Has electronics changed much since the 1970's? Answered

I have seen plenty of electronics books being offered over the internet dating from the '70s and '80s. I would like to ask the veterans if something in the science of electronics had changed much in 40 years (besides the digital aspect, of course).



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i taught in the 70's, zero change in theory..but we taught vacuum tubes.. the only mention of ttl was that a transistor work like a basic tube with out any heater voltage.. we spent a lot more time with math then we needed to. when we started teaching digital logic, we taught Boolean algebra.. the first computer we had in the classroom (1972) used switches to program binary numbers (bi-octal) in and out.. it weighed maybe 50 pounds and did four function math.. size limited it 3 digit numbers (777) binary 111 111 111...

you know what is exactly the same, very few people understood it. those of us that did saw it as something fun to play with more then a job..

I am zero electronics. But I can to risk a response. Maybe the bright LEDs, the lightweight and powerful lithium batteries, NiMh batteries, EL wire, and some other things that maybe in 70's was only in development. Is it so?


5 years ago

China happened .

Back then you could easily hack electronic devices to your own ends
just put your own code in a similar EPROM
Then China started putting a micro under a drop of epoxy on a solder in
stamp sized removable PCB which could be replaced by your own perf
board and 4 pin micro.

Now its no longer easy or fun to hack their electronics.


Aren't EPROMS still around?

Yes but then, there were some that were not erasable
like today's
EEPROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

Today most micros have a built in EEPROM that is
a memory that stays intact when power is removed
like zip drives going into 100gig USB storage. .

And unlike RAM = Random Access Memory which looses all cohesion
at a power-down.

EEPROMemory in a uProcessor can not as a rule be accessed independently.


Best book about electronics ever written.
The new edition is due in the next couple of years according to Win....and has been for about the last 10..

The book is a classic and still appropriate.

Technology has advanced but the basic concepts remain the same.