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Has listing your Instructables authorship / creatorsship on LinkedIn helped get a job? Answered

I decided to add my Instructables experience from creating and authoring on my LinkedIn profile.  Has anyone used their Instructables experience to get a job or move up in areas like technical writing or education/training.  I'm sure the content of the instructable will provide experience in a related field, but I am interested in the writing and creation experience that goes with it.  

What has been your experience, good/bad?  


There have been a few stories through the years, you might want to put in the search forums box resume, internship, jobs, etc. to look up old topics. From what I recall, listing instructables on a college application or job application makes for good conversation during the interview. From there, you have to go full steam with your people skills. Of course, the biggest story is of Eric Wilhelm, the founder of instructables and using instructables to get where he is now. From a writing standpoint, I think participating in discussions/forum topics/commenting/creating ibles/responding to comments on ibles gives you the experience of dealing with people on the internet, which is fu... fun. Creating a lot of ibles develops your technical writing skill for a general audience and polishes your style. Documenting stuff trains you to pay attention to detail and improves your logical approach to things. It also gives you more confidence to put something out there, anything. So what was your question?

If I were to list Instructables on my Linkedin profile, which 'Title' should I use?

Author, Technical Writer, Electronics Creator, Maker, Member? What would be the appropriate title for Instructables members?

you = Ibler - active participating Instructables community member creating, building, and documenting tech and non-tech maker projects which have garnered over 1 million views.

me = Ibler - general lurker and compulsive trouble maker.

Something along those lines. Good luck.

Yeah! Lately, I had mentioned my experience as an author at Instructables on Facebook. I came to know more people in the hobby of electronics. But, nothing like getting a job or else.

I have recently been accepted to work on a project.
And I mentioned instructables on my CV, but I don't think it is something they take in account seriously.
As I don't have serious work experience to talk about, it was a good conversation filler on the interview.
But I'm from a Physics background, not a writer background, so it is limited in value for me I think.

You can still use it as a demonstration of your communication skills.

I think this is where contributions and creations to Instructables can really help. No matter what your background is, or if you have a limited background for work experience showing your ability to communicate or instruct effectively can be a big help. It may help especially when documentation of your work or your group's work is very important to get grants, new contracts, or documentation of a new discovery. Detailed communication and documentation may mean the difference between getting those accomplishments recognized and having something great and no one knowing about it.

I don't know that it's been the clincher, but I include Instructables on my CV, and it has come up favourably in interviews twice.