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Has this happened to anybody else Answered

Hey. I published my instructable, and entered it in the pocket sized contest over a week ago. There's no reason it wouldn't be accepted, and I even got an e-mail telling me my entry was accepted. So why is my instructable nowhere? I looked through every single page of recent, rating, views etc and it isn't anywhere. Hell, even when I type the exact words into the search (of the title) it doesn't appear. Has anyone else had this problem?


Not impressed instructables, I shouldn't get a message telling me I've been accepted, then not have my entry appear in the contest. If I got a message telling me it was declined, then I would have entered my other 'ible I had planned, but no..I get told it's accepted. And it isn't.. Going to have to wait 'till next time I suppose.

Doesn't mean it won't be accepted, but it might be thought about a bit longer than others? It's a pretty good looking gun, I hope it gets entered at least. L

I haven't recieved any word about my entry either. Mine is a pocket altar that holds a full set of ritual tools in a small glasses case, including altar cloth. I don't understand it either.

Check the email - did it say accepted, or received?

You should have received an automatic email when you entered, then you get a second email later saying yay or nay.

Alright, thanks. It was sent there a while ago, I've had similar instructables accepted and someone even entered a similar (yet not nearly as awesome) instructable. I'll message them, thanks

Instructables with red-flag keywords ("gun" ought to be a giveaway) are held and reviewed by Staff before publication. If you haven't heard anything from them (do you check your PM's on this site), contact the staff and ask.