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Have I been blacklisted? Answered

It seems unless I get featured, my Instructables don't show up in the "Recent" feeds anymore.  Although spammers show up there.

Thanks for any info


No. What hasn't been showing up? You can always PM me on a case to case basis and I can look into the issue.

Thank you for responding. My guide I posted this morning hasn't shown up in the Recent feeds. These other two never showed up in Recent feed either


Thanks for any info

I checked out all three.
They are published I could find all three from your links.
From the contest page after flipping through many pages I did not find any and gave up.
Going by the publishing date I went back as far as early March and yours was published in early February so they may be far into the contest.
However the only one I could not vote for was
It may be not accepted yet since you published it today.
Give it a couple days.


They are all marked as published. There could have been a delay in them reaching the recent feed, that happens sometimes when we are doing fixes on the site. The contest you published is the most recent one you've done and it is in the recent feed. Looks like it might have been delayed, but it's there :)