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Have a timed switch on motor ? Answered

Hello, Im very new with electronics and im working on a project, but I need to make a motor go forward then after a few seconds reverse and so on. I found this tutorial https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-control-a-DC-motor-to-run-in-both-direction/ which is great but it uses a manual switch. Does anyone know how I could make this so its timed to switch? thanks



2 years ago

well IC555 and transistors do great job. I have made one with them but that looks messy and complicated so what i have done i have used a micro-controller (Arduino) which gives me the power to control the motors not only on which direction i like but also to control its speed. Since it requires some space more than that of the transistors and 555. So what i have done that I had transferred my program from arduino to attiny 45 or 85 which have a size of 555 and it works great.

I have made both....

Agreed a uP is a great choice, But the builder needs to be able to program !


2 years ago

If you plan to use 3V, the transistor forward drop will be to much for things to work.

but above 6V like 9V or 12V you can time it.

I did find and modify this. Note the 555 needs at least 4.5 Volts............

timed 2V-3Q-h-bridge.GIF

After thought, that 47K may need to be 1.5K !

555 timer and two transistor to do the switching....