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Have you tried Legos for the mold board and walls? Answered

The rigid plastic of Legos lend themselves nicely to the mold board and then the bricks snap into the mold board - no need for glue or clay to seal the walls to the board - and they are reuseable.

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-21


I have never used Lego to build mold walls, but I've heard that folks love using them.

My only concern would be using them to cast a mold in plaster, as there is water involved and I'm not sure how perfectly sealed the seams between the bricks are.

But for all other applications, they sound like a great solution.


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I teach to use plastics moldings (home depot and similar places). they are light, smooth and can be cut with a anything, including a knife. You can glue them with hot glue and eventually re- use them. Just use a little of Vaseline inside before gluing and mold come off easy after. They come in all shapes and sizing. Some time I teach to use card board and clay to seal at the bottom but the molding is so much easy to use.

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