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Head to Head Contest: You Choose. Answered

I've decided to test an idea for some friendly competition. The rules are simple: two volunteer members will be given a week to create an Instructable based on a common subject. Whoever creates the better Instructable (higher quality, cooler, featured, most voted for, etc) will win a patch similar to the images below. Because this is the first run, and I can't think of a subject, the competing members will have to agree on a subject of their choosing. If there is a flood of volunteers, the community will vote on who they want to see face off. In this trial, I will allow up to four separate pairs to compete. If this doesn't make any sense, well, I just woke up! :P

The stats are as follows:

Lithium Rain VS. gmjhowe: Card, any kind of card, and it has to plug into a computer. Deadline: to be determined.

Matt1497 VS. watermelonhead : Duct tape hoodie. Deadline: 10th of August.

_x_VS._x_ :subject.

_x_VS._x_ :subject.



I have finished my instructable.

watermelonhead has to forfeit as shown in the comment below.

I'm in Chelan for a week with no internet, so she can have another week extension.

I think so Just jump the headline up to the 17th cuz I dont no if she even started.

I did, but VERY sadly I'm going to have to forfiet

I lost my ducttape, and i've been looking for it, so um.


8 years ago

I volunteer to be in a contest, as long as it's something I can make. No k'nex :P

I want to go against you! :D

You two would make for an epic battle!

Indeed.. I'd probably have to put my crafty hat on though.

Do you have a cat?

Hey, I have an idea. It's 130 degrees outcool me down!

Ok, it's really 103, but the thermometer that's been sitting in the sun all day says 130! It's never been this hot. Ever!

It's cloudy and like 75 here -_- I was watching the news yesterday and nearly EVERYTHING was about how hot it was outside.

75? It's about 18 here! Oh, wait, metric.... (converts) man, I'd kill for 75 degree heat. It's more like 65 here- it's the end of July and I went to the shops at lunchtime wearing three layers >_

:( I hate having to layer clothes in summer to stay warm.

I volunteer the following!

  • Kiteman vs. gmjhowe
  • Kiteman vs. Fungus Amungus
  • A Fungus Amungus vs. gmjhowe rematch
  • Weissesteinburg vs. CameronSS
  • Goodhart vs. Skunkbait
  • And last but not least, Kiteman vs. Skunkbait.

Let's commence preparations for rumbling!!

< sad that you didn't volunteer me for anything. What did I ever do to you, wait a minute, scratch that... >

Its just that your style is a tad TOO unique. Really, I can't think of anyone whod wanna go against you! Or maybe I just didn't want to.....who knows?

Awwww, come on, you want to go mano-a-mano or monter-a-mano? Do ya, it may be your lucky day... Umm, okay. So the lesson here is not to be too different that you become unique even though you should be different to stand out from the crowd.

Are you trying to make a yolk out of this? No telling how it will turn out unless you mix it up.

I say, it will be over-easy to continue.

O me, let this be something that you don't want to stir up. You might be toast.

Aha, you say witty banter with you is a half-baked idea, but I disagree. The thought of pursuit of this tough cookie makes me wanna go whole hog.

even the tough cookies find that, in the end, that is just how the cookie crumbles.

But we're not going to cry over spilled milk. You can mullet over if you want to get into a tangle and twist this into something big.

But you know I knead some whey to express these terrible food buns.

You seem to have gourmet your match. There's not too many who can stomach this in the long run.

But I have an Iron gut, and a taste for the mettle of wit.

Well, curdle it some more and hope that things do not turn sour.

You know, that sorta cheeses me off. You muenster!

Your ad hominem may or may not be full of holes but is still ripe for the picking...any way you cut it.

Your Latin may be buttery smooth, But I'm still on a roll!

You do know which side your bread is buttered on. It's not like there is a lot of dough involved here.

Frankly, it doesn't matter on which side the butter resides, because it always lands buttered side down. So make a butter sandwich and confuse convention.

(Now you see the inherent compression in the system. Help, help! I'm being compressed!)

I see your stock is being reduced. Lettuce see if you can spin this something more than cold hard cabbage.

You call me right, I'm starting to wilt. I'm afraid i can't save my bacon. The goose is cooked and I'm generally toast. I concede! (But wasn't it fun though?)

wait a minute, you couldn't stand the heat so you decided to get out of the kitchen? Pressure in the cooker got too much, maybe you're Kentucky Fried Chicken...get back in there!

Okay, but I think my thyme may be running low. But I'll try and a salt all the puns out there. Remember, the giblets always make the best gravy

Just pepper your comments with a few puns to make things spicy.

Too much, and you have yourself a three-alarm mental conversation

You won't curry an flavors by doing that to your taste buds. These comments are getting thin like a snail on a razor's edge which might mean an apocalypse now.

Escargot is like rotgut.

Alright, I withdraw and leave it the the masters...

Don't just slither away just like that. Eel be better if you have something shocking to say.
just don't spam us with your Showerphones

There's no egg-scuse for such a pithy comment. But Omgonnalett it slide.