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Heat Pump Answered

Has anyone attempted building a homemade heat pump?  Maybe one used as a hot water heater only? What are the challenges that prevent a DIYer from building one from scratch?


The refrigerant aspect becomes a problem only if you are going for max efficiency. My thoughts are using well water or some other environmentally friendly source for your working fluid. Is there a reason that would not work?

The refrigerant I can understand however being a homemade "pump" I am sure there are less troublesome and efficient refrigerant that could be used. As for the heat sink/source a pond/lake/etc are available and would work.

Searching, I am surprised to find no projects for constructing a heat pump.

However, having looked into installing a heat pump in my own home, I think the largest challenges are dealing with the refrigerant, and digging the hole - tens of feet straight down...